We have a new installation of our work and studio at Zinc Details (www.zincdetails.com)  Zinc Details is a modern furniture and accessory store On California Street, near Fillmore.  This is one of those stores where we want almost everything, and it’s odd thinking our work is there.  Anyway, definitely stop by and check it out.

Here are some close-up examples of what is there:

Here is our new blog and our new website, it is a lot more comprehensive, and will be much easier for us to keep updated.  Many thanks to Ryan Grossman, who helped us with the design, and was able to customize a WordPress theme (Organic Themes) to fit our needs.  We quickly realized it is much tougher to create a somewhat minimal site as opposed to a very dense one with a lot of stuff.  Also, make sure to check out Ryan’s website (www.ryangrossman.com) and check out his impressive oil paintings and design work.

Make sure to check back in this space for posts about upcoming shows and installations as we have a lot of things coming up…..

Look for future Rice and Beans news here!